Sous Chef

Company Name:
Dinner Lab
Position Type:
Company Description:
Dinner Lab is a membership based social dining experience that brings together up and coming chefs cooking foods that tell a story with diners that are looking to experience a restaurant experience removed of the trappings of the traditional. Our members come together in different locations, regardless of class, age, or social status, and tend to be some of the most creative, trend-setting, and eclectic group of individuals in a city.
We don't dictate what our chefs cook, discriminate on who a member should be, and believe that the ambiance that is created by good people, good food, and good drink, is all you need.
Our organization is growing at a quick pace and we are actively searching to find team members that will grow with us to provide unique dining experiences and support for our guests.
Minimum Qualifications:
Experience in restaurant industry at top-tier restaurants (or at least does not suck)
Don't mind long or odd hours - events are at night/weekends. Not much different from the typical restaurant industry lifestyle
Not afraid to make mistakes, you overcome them.
Thrive in high pressure situations
You are your own toughest critic. You are always thinking "How can I

Don't Be Fooled

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