Housing-Service Coordinator

Company Name:
National Church Residences
According to prescribed policies and procedures, under the general supervision of the Property Manager the Service Coordinator assumes responsibility for coordinating programs and services to help residents maintain a good quality of life and age in place.
1. Assumes responsibility for coordinating programs and activities for residents on a group basis.
a. Serves as a liaison to community agencies, network with community service providers, and seek out new services available to residents. Identify low cost service providers and/or negotiate discounts.
b. Monitors the ongoing provision of services from community agencies and keeps the case management plan current with the progress of the individual. Manages the provision of supportive services where appropriate.
c. Develops a Resource Directory that includes a listing of state and/or local service providers. Examples include services to families, children, elderly residents, persons with disabilities and emergency assistance.
d. Sponsors educational events that include subjects relating to health care, agency support, life skills and referral sources.
e. Implements on site or mobile health services and screenings.
f. Organizes and promotes resident involvement in on and off site activities.
g. Assists the residents in building informal support networks with other residents, family and friends.
2. Assumes responsibility coordinating services for residents on an individual basis.
a. Provides quality customer service to all residents including, but not limited to, answering questions, addressing concerns and assisting with basic needs.
b. Assists residents in acquiring and utilizing desired community services such as housekeeping, meals, transportation, personal services, financial assistance, day care counseling and other services requested while in compliance under the policies and restrictions outlined by HUD.
c. Ensures all residents are treated with respect and dignity, reports all complaints made by residents and/or families to the appropriate supervisors, reports all allegations of abuse, and any other corporate compliance items immediately.
4. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
a. Performs miscellaneous and specially requested tasks.
b. Ensures all residents and staff are treated with respect and dignity. Reports all complaints made by residents and/or families to the appropriate supervisors. Reports all allegations of abuse, misappropriation of funds/property and/or any other corporate compliance items immediately.
c. Adheres to all policies, procedures, terms and conditions set forth in the NCR Employee Information Guide (EIG), Policy and Procedure Guide (PPG), and facility handbook including, but not limited to, corporate compliance, drug free workplace, safe work practices, all federal, state, local regulations and laws.
EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION: High school graduate or equivalent.
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: One or more years of service coordination or social work experience.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good communication, comprehension and interpersonal skills. Working knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and World Wide Web which will be demonstrated by a passing score on a computer literacy test.
Date: 2014-05-05
Country: US
State: TN
City: Nashville
Postal Code: 37214
Category: Housing--Property Management

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