Data Entry Clerk

Company Name:
Arena Technical Resources, LLC
Data Entry Clerk
TVA receives approximately 1100 utility bills per month for (energy, water and gas) services to their buildings and structures. After these bills are paid by accounts payable they are scanned and emailed to a email account set up for this purpose. These bills are tracked in a commercially available database called IBM Tririga Trees. The TVA program has identified the need to provide data entry support for transferring the information from the scanned bills to the Tririga database. There are also some ancillary tasks regarding data integrity verification and modifications to the database as billing information changes over time.The objective of this Time & Material statement of work is to describe the effort for your company, hereafter known as theSubcontractor or Sellerto perform as a Data Entry Clerk.
Qualifications & Responsibilities:
High School diploma or equivalent experience/combined education, with additional specialized training in specific aspects of job functions and/or demonstrated ability to perform assigned tasks.
The Candidate must have the following qualifications:
-Familiarity with databases
-Strong attention to detail
-Strong multi-tasking ability
-Customer Service orientation
-Ability to communicate effectively
- Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work with minimal direction
After each utility account (bill) has been set up in the system, the Candidate will need to perform the following steps in order to input the bill for TVA-s record:
- Select the correct bill in Tririga by keying in the account number from the utility bill
- Select the correct billing period (month) the bill is for according to the To and From dates on the bill.Note: The system will automatically populate the line items that were entered against that bill last month after you select the account number.
- The Candidate will now input the quantity and cost of each line item that is on the bill. A few examples of line items are as follows, water (quantity, cost) sewer (quantity, cost) elect (quantity, cost), elect demand (quantity, cost), non-elect energy (quantity, cost), customer charge (cost), miscellaneous charge (cost). Note: each bill will not have all of these line items and TVA will provide 1 month worth of bills to approximate the time required.
- The Candidate will now verify that to the correct unit of measure has been applied to line items with a quantity. This is straight forward for elect and demand but for water, sewer, and non-elect energy the clerk may need to reference the UOM spreadsheetNote: TVA will provide an accurate list of UOM-s for each vender which the Seller will need to update if any changes are noticed on the utility bills.
- After all line items have been entered the Seller will key the utility bill total and the system will verify that line item totals matches this verification number
This is now the end of the utility bill entry process and the Seller would now move onto the next bill.
The above process assumes that all of the correct correlations in the Tririga system are maintained properly in order to ensure the utility bills being entered are being applied to the correct building. The second part of the process, which is a bit more complex, involves working with TVA personnel to ensure the following items in Tririga are properly maintained:
- Meters: A meter is object in Tririga which we have 1 meter for each utility bill and it contains the following information: Account number, Contract number, and a Service Allocation. The account and contract number will be on the bill. The Service Allocation determines which building the bill should be applied to and TVA will identify and provide this information to clerk.
- Blanket Purchase Order (BPO):A BPO is an object in Tririga which we have one BPO for each utility bill and it contains the following information: account number, contract number, meter name, and service provider.
The above objects in Tririga will have to be changed added or modified as we receive new bills or account number changes.
ID 6435
Title Data Entry Clerk
Location Nashville, TN
Pay Rate 10.00
- 11.00
Pay Rate -
Required 1

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