Future Offer Manager

Company Name:
Title: Future Offer Manager
Location: Tennessee-Nashville
Other Locations:
Main Responsibilities:
Define the Unique Value Proposition of a new offer.
Accountable of the new offer business plan.
- Understand the trends of the targeted segments.
- Reveal the customers' needs and the customers' willingness to pay.
- Choose and price the Unique Value Proposition .
- Responsible of the profitable business plan.
- Define the marketing specification of the new offer.
- Manage the specification's changes and renouncements.
Specific activities:
1 Understand the trend of the targeted segments:
- Decide and manage the MKT surveys allowing to understand the market''s trends.
- Identify the impacts of the trends for Schneider.
- Meet permanently customers to understand the customers'' values and the value chain.
- Demonstrate the faisability for Schneider to bring and sell a Unique Value Proposition.
2 Reveal the customers'' needs and the customers'' willingness to pay:
- Decide and manage all Marketing survey and MKT methods to catch the customers
needs (said and unsaid needs):
> Quantitative and qualitative surveys.
> Focus group.
> Trade-Off.
> Cautic method.
3 Choose and price the Unique Value Proposition:
To bring on the market and check the consistency with:
> our strategy.
> our channels, and business models.
> our targeted competitors.
> Schneider Electric environment and organisation.
4 Responsible of the profitable business plan.
5 Define the Marketing specification of the new offer:
- Rank and choose the customers needs to meet.
- Validate the customer''s willigness to pay.
- Price the offer with the Value Base Pricing method.
- Define and share with technical team the Offer Requirement by using collaborative methods (Use cases, Functional Analysis method....).
6 Manage the specification's changes and renouncements:
- Manage the specifications changes in order to respect the profitability of the business plan and the time to market.
Experience in Product Management, Sales, Channel development, and Voice of the Customer Activities. Good understanding of Strategic Marketing activities to define the future offer. Knowledge and exposure of devices connected to the cloud, HMI (Human Machine Interface) specs, and electrical distribution systems
- Critical thinking and problem solving skills
- Planning and organizing
- Decision-making
- Ability to work cross-functionally with other departments.
- Ability to multi-task and deliver high quality results.
- Communication skills
- Influencing and leading
- Delegation capability
- Negotiation
- Conflict management & Stress tolerance
- Adaptability

Don't Be Fooled

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