Property Guard 2

Company Name:
Metro Nashville Government
Position Description
Patrols and monitors assigned areas to protect library patrons, employees, buildings, and property. Property guards will not carry weapons or firearms. Performs related duties as required.
Must be capable of walking/patrolling a building six to eight hours a day.
Typical Duties:
Patrols library property on foot or with a vehicle.
Maintains order and calls for police assistance when needed.
Enforces Library Rules of Conduct.
Monitors and operates various security devices/systems.
May file arrest warrants on behalf of the library and appear in court as a witness.
Prepares written and oral reports as needed.
May lead and coordinate the work of contract security officers.
Gives direction and provides other information to employees and the public.
Rotate being on call for after-hours alarm calls.
Act as key responder for emergency after hour calls.
Minimum Qualifications:
High School Diploma and one (1) year experience controlling the admittance of persons or vehicles on private or public property.
Background Check, pursuant to Civil Service Policy 2.6-II required.
Valid "Class D" Driver's License.
Preferred Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of safety/conduct rules and regulations.
Ability to monitor and patrol library premises.
Ability to operate security devices/systems.
Ability to evaluate/investigate situations and make recommendations.
Ability to enforce rules regulations, and policies.
Ability to follow both written and oral instructions.
Ability to use safety/security equipment, automobile, computer terminal, and general office equipment.
General computer skills.
Note: Per Metro Ordinance No. SO94-1078. All employees of the Metropolitan Government shall be residents of the State of Tennessee or become residents of the state within six (6) months of employment as a prerequisite to employment with the Metropolitan Government.
Job Title: Property Guard 2
Closing Date/Time: Mon. 08/18/14 11:59 PM Central Time
Salary: $25,689.08 Annually
Job Type: Full-Time Civil Service
Location: 615 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee

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